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Lional Hennessy


Black Rat
Ken Peach 1973
Dave B and DT
Roy Pope and DT
Convoy start at M25
Frank Hazchem in Kent

The Daves Blackburn & Thorne

Roy Pope & Dave Thorne

  FRONT Ralph Osborne  Dave Blackburn  Dickie Bird

    BACK   Ian Hadcocks Sgt Dave Blackburn Ken Payne

Frank "Hazchem" Lambert

1978 DB not at Walton St DPG
A young Dickie Bird
Barney Case
Ch Insp Denzil Stevens looking for Trafpols
Chris Bundock
Chris Canham
Clive Harris
HGV mob Kevin,Chris & Duncan
Insp Bob Grady
Insp Roger Ewer Wabbit zzzzzzzzz
Insp Trevor Benham
Jeff Lewer refueling
Les Whittle 2
Paul Bridger now in Australia
Paul Watson clowning around
Peter Town
Peter Town zzzzzzz
Ray Newark - Copy
Reg Carter
Richard (Dickie) Bird TDZ Stress
Ron & Jackie
Ron & Roger
Ron Arnold
Spike looking worried!!
Steve Legg
Stuart Care at ZD
TDZ Bill Ramsden & Daimler Dart 001
Triumph Black Saint Mike Hurst
Suzuki at Chipstead Valley
Last TDZnight duty before closure

Sgt Dave Blackburn DPG

Sgt Barny Case

Dickie Bird 707TD

 Chris Canham

 Clive Harris 717TD



Ch Insp Denzil Stevens

Insp Bob Grady

Jeff Lewer "Topping Up"

Graham Bailey

  Last Night Duty at TDZ before closing

    Middle two Ken Payne Paul Watson

  Grahm Bailey Ex PS TDZ

Insp Trevor Benham

Insp Ewer (The Wabbit)

Ken Peach

Peter Town

Peter Town (Down Time)

Ch Inps Ray Newark

Reg Carter

Richard (Dickie) Bird 707TD Boeing

Ron LeMarquand & Roger Jennings

Stuart Care

Paul Watson

  Bill Ramsden

Leslie Whittle

Paul Bridger (In Australia)

  Mike Hurst

Sgt Dave Blackburn

Spike Milligan

Ron Arnold & Jackie Lover

Ron Arnold

Steve Legge (Now in Australia)

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