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Dickie,  What a great site.  Although never having had the privilege of serving at DT4 or TDZ many of the faces are old friends who I have a great regard for.  I lived next door to Bill Ramsden for many a year and actUAlly officiated at the funeral of his lovely wife Evie.  He was, and is, a truly great caring man. It is good that someone has taken the time to honour some of the greatest traffic officers the whole of the police service has ever had.  I shall follow this site with great interest in the times to come.  I look forward to seeing real motor cycles, Triumphs, not all that foreign rubbish!!  Every blessing John Lines ex 233 td.


Hi Dickie.  I have just visited your site, having received the details via. Ray Sutton.  It brought back many memories, and faces from the past.  Well done keep up the good work.  Wishing you the best of health in 2011.  John Christie 856’M’ C.T.S. (Don’t spit) 156 TDM  retired March 1984.  Moved to the USA November 2003.


Hello Dickie      Have viewed the new web site and I am amazed at how you have managed to accumulate so much material       My congratulations and I give it 10/10         What system did you use – PowerPoint?      As a silver surfer I can only begin to understand how you did it      Will buy you a drink when next I see you at The Warren !  Regards to Paula  

Take care  Chris  & Joyce  


Cpl Dickie  What type of Pics do you want and how many  Also how do I get them too you  Mags can scan them in and send as j pegs!   Think the new site great Love the DB site but better and younger looking officers pics available especially from Epsom meetings etc   Regards  Tpr Dave


Hi Richard,

I visited the site, ‘Fantastic’ well done!   Have you decided how much you will want from us individually yet?  Regards Ian


Great stuff Dickie, Looking forward to more news and pics.

Graham Bailey (Bailey Bus)


The pictures of the demolished TDZ and the documents sent to all on Email relating to the new building were supplied by John Penn Ex TDZ


Hello Dickie,     I have just had a good look and read of the web site.   What a wonderful job you are doing.   When I started to run the    Ex "Z" Division Traffic Patrol Club   in 1980. with the aid of the committee members and a second hand typewriter I could never foresee that there would be such a thing as a Web Site for all the world to view.  

Long gone are the days of putting carbon paper into my typewriter in order to produce some 100 newsletters doing five copies at a time until I had the facility at TDZ to photocopy them with the discrete help of our late colleague Dennis Couper who served at TDP then came to TDZ on retirement as a clerk.   The members of the club have enjoyed a number of reunion weekends since our first in 1981 at a hotel in Bournemouth.   I hope that we will be able to continue the reunions Bi-annually, the more that attend the reunion the better it is, we do not want to loose the opportunity of seeing each other.     Thank you Dickie for taking over the running of the club from me, you are doing a grand job way beyond my capability ( I can just about manage an Email ).   Please keep up the good work.    Regards.    Bill Ramsden.


Hi All, Still looking for 1 name on the 1960s garage picture.    Front Row number 9.


Picture of Mike Hurst on a Triumph Black Saint taken by John Vizard at Walton Heath Golf Club.  He states that the bike was the most comfortable to ride as the saddle was low to the ground.   The day was a bonus with food supplied by the golf club.



Hi Dickie,  Not looked at the site for a while, what a treat to see some of the new views.  Sadly many of the obituaries are of folk that I knew so very well.  I guess that time is taking its toll on us.  I still reckon that we had the best Traffic Patrols in the world.  I am now Chaplain to the Kent Police, they call their traffic patrols 'SNAKES' I still prefer Black Rat it has a very special ring to it. When I sit in one of the traffic cars down here, I am jealous of how much gear they have, especially when you think what we had in the old Wolseleys, Humbers and Austins.  Still got my ex job T'Bird and Saint, they are both in the Dover Transport Museum.  My thinking is if the Met will not sanction a Museum I shall have my own one down here.  Gets a lot of attention from schools and the like on their visits.  I hav set up mannequins alongside each machine with the appropriate uniform on it, sadly some low life half inched the Stadium goggles of the T'Bird!  Such is life.  Keep up the good work and stay off the back page.  John Lines


Hello, just happened upon your TDZ site.

Not sure If this is relevant to TDZ, but a fond memory that may be of interest. As soon as I came out of the Royal Navy in 78, I got a job as a motorcycle mechanic at Pride and Clarke.  Between then and its closure in 81 or 82, I would walk to the butchers in one of the Brixton railway arches to get some meat for my dinner.   One day I turned the corner to see a line of three gleaming Triumph Saints parked by the pavement. Two of these, somebody had gone to the trouble of rubbing down the sandcasting finish on the crankcases and polished them so that the whole bottom ends where gleaming. It was only after having quite a long admiring inspection that I noticed the three Police riders on the other side of the road standing there to admire their own machines.

Kind Regards Peter Charlton (Ex  Z Traffic Warden)






Black Rat



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